What to expect from your acupuncture appointment.

What can I do to prepare for treatment?

 * Wear loose comfortable clothing.

 * Avoid heavy exercise after treatment.

 * Avoid Alcohol on day of treatment.

First Appointment ~ up to 2 hours duration, this will involve medical, social and family history. From this a detailed, individualised treatment plan will be made for your ongoing treatment.  Also at this apointment a few non invasive physical examinations are needed to help with the treatment plan. Depending on the complexity of the information gathering, and the acuteness of the condition treatment can commence at this appointment . 

Subsequent Appointments ~ up to an hour duration.  

After a treatment patients commonly experience a pleasant feeling of relaxation. It is advisable after treatment (where possible) to have a more relaxing day/evening as you may feel tired or drowsy.

How many treatments will I need? 

Everyone responds in their own individual way to acupuncture, some find immediate affect, where as others it might take three to five sessions or more.

Generally as a rule the longer you have had the condition the longer it may take to resolve. All treatments are aimed at long lasting benefits not just short term improvements.

Degenerative or long term conditions, patients can benefit from relief and are able to maintain a level of wellbeing that is possible for them.   

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